Recent News
  • Could your community building be suitable for our next phase of large solar power installations? - Community Energy Birmingham is a renewable energy cooperative that funds, installs and operates renewable energy in community buildings in Birmingham.  We are a community benefit society with an open membership and we are run in accordance with cooperative values and principles.  We are run by Continue reading →
  • Solar Surge in 2017 - With a full year of generation at Ackers Ski Centre, we can see how it is swelling our clean energy output. The chart shows the cumulative contributions of the 6 solar buildings who host our panels. They follow the predictions in our Business Plan. During Continue reading →
  • Green Connection - Season’s greetings and congratulations to our partner, Moseley Community Development Trust, for arranging for a new electric connection to be installed  on Moseley Village Green. This is now powering the monthly Farmers’ Market.  It has made redundant several petrol generators, which were noisy and polluting. Continue reading →
About us

Community Energy Birmingham is a Society for Community Benefit.Our primary aim is to reduce carbon emissions in the city of Birmingham. We do this by paying to install renewable energy systems on community assets, mainly solar PV.

This also benefits the community organisations by reducing their energy bills and making them more sustainable. In particular, we wish to benefit the local communities where we are working with our community partners.

At present these include Moseley, Balsall Heath and Sparkbrook. In the future we hope to identify partners to work with in other areas of Birmingham

Our Supporters
Community Renewable Energy Grants provided by the Naturesave Trust.

With regular support from the photovoltaic array owned by St. Mary’s Moseley.