2012 at Ackers Adventure, Sparkbrook we installed on the administration building 10kw of solar PV panels using a grant from EON’s sustainability fund. They have generated half the electricity used in the building, on an annual basis.

2015 Another 10 kw of pv has been added to the Ackers Adventure office building.

2015 On the Ackers Residential Centre in we put up 10kW of solar panels using loans from supporters. Here surplus solar electricity is fed into the hot water immersion tank for showers and washing up.

2015 On the Moseley Exchange, CEB has put on the rear roof 8.5 KW of solar PV panels. We have been able to put in another 10 kw lying on the main roof.

2016 The new extension to the Ackers Ski centre has had 19 kw of panels installed, beating the big cut in feed in tariff payments by being preregistered in 2015.

2018 Plan for installation of largest roof 163 solar panels for 50kw on Pioneer Group building in Castle Vale details of share offer


Total of 6 Solar PV arrays of 67.4 kW capacity installed

4 at Ackers Adventure, 2 at Moseley Exchange


Resulting In Annual benefit;

Clean electricity 56,772 kilowatt hours predicted per year

Displacing 30 tonnes a year of carbon from grid electricity

£10,800 income from Feed In Tariff and sales to repay our shareholders

Reduced electricity bill for the community buildings to sustain their services