Community Energy Birmingham is looking for new partners to work with, to install renewable, community owned energy technologies on their land or buildings.

Our Offer

We are looking for partners who have land or buildings, who are interested in renewable energy technologies.
We will work with you to explore the assets you have and your pattern of energy use, in order to find renewable energy technologies which would be appropriate for you.

There are a number of ways of financing renewable energy technologies, and we would also work with you to identify the most appropriate mix of funding. If there was a role for a community share issue within that mix of funding, we would undertake to run that for you.

Renewable energy is currently facing several challenges. Given these challenges, we will need a period of time to work with you, and would need your commitment to contribute time to this partnership. Despite challenges, we can introduce you to a number of opportunities in Birmingham, including the potential to work with the newly created Energy Capital, and as well as our network of experienced contacts.

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If you want to take advantage of our experience in matching appropriate renewable energy technologies to a site, and in running community share issues, please contact using the form below.

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